Our Humanity


“No problem can be created with the same level of consciousness that created it“

– Albert Einstein


About OHM

Our humanity Matters (OHM) is dedicated to inspiring more enlightened and sustainable humanity that appreciates the beauty and joy of life and understands that everything is interconnected.

The vibrancy of clean, pristine water vital to the continuation of Life has been threatened by a current anthropogenic mindset. We aspire to change these human behaviors by building awareness that everything is connected, that people are part of an extensive living system and its cycle, and that their actions impact the health of water, their health, and others. Our mission is to reconnect people with water and inspire its love and respect for a better planetary future.


We believe that the fastest way to raise the consciousness of humanity and build a sustainable future is to inspire understanding and respect for the water. Acknowledging that water is the right of all forms of life and that water has the right to be clean and run according to its nature to support the vibrancy of life and its blueprint.


About the Founder

Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler, the founder of Our Humanity Matters, is dedicated to inspiring more enlightened and sustainable humanity that understands that all life is connected and that humans are part of that interconnectivity of Life. She is a system thinker who believes that understanding and connecting with water is key to raising the consciousness of humanity and building a sustainable future. She creates and curates consumerist products and public space art to create a paradigm shift in public awareness of the state of water to inspire connection with the rest of Nature.


Tanja was born in Slovenia, where she completed Mechanical Engineering School and a rigorous study in Philosophy with world-renowned philosophers at the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. She received an MA in Media from the New School University in NYC, where her mentor Paul Ryan deepened her understanding of Ecology and its relationship to mind and media.  

Events & Highlights

I AM WATER sculpture

I AM WATER Glass Sculpture

Saturday, October 8, 2022, 10am – 5pm Museum of Glass Tacoma, WA
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I AM WATER Billboards 2022

New York City and Massachusetts In collaboration with ecoartspace
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I Remember Water

I Remember Water Worldwide Exhibit

In collaboration with the Global Network of Water Museums
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I AM WATER Billboards 2021

New York City In collaboration with ecoartspace and SaveArtSpace
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