I Remember Water Worldwide Exhibit

Exploring Memories of Our Relationship to Water

On International Museum Day, May 18, 2022, the Global Network of Water Museums supported by the Living Waters Museum (India) launched the “I Remember Water” Digital Exhibition which focused on “Exploring Memories of our Relationship with Water”.

I Remember Water offered six different sections: LifePlayHeritageSpiritual, Belonging, and Transformations that recall our past water memories and reflect on pathways that can help us shape our water futures. All collected images illustrate from different perspectives the rich diversity and the striking affinities of humankind’s connections with water and its unique heritage across the world.

Here is the Spiritual as curated by Our Humanity Matters Founder and water activist Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler.

“Images chosen for this section are made by different artists and individuals to remind us of humanity’s spiritual connection towards water and the importance to honor Life. Water is ‘sacred’ – it’s important to remember this. Throughout history, humankind has nurtured a sense of respect and reverence towards water, investing it with intrinsic qualities, sacred, and life-giving connotations. This aspect is attested in every civilization, as well as in small-scale societies and among indigenous peoples. ‘The Spiritual Connection’ is a selection of images of the human innate spiritual link to water which focuses on the sacredness of this element as a source of life and joy.

Indigenous people know that they are part of the great cosmic cycle. Because of their deep connection with the rest of Nature, they know that water not only gives life – but that it’s life. Today, much of humanity is separated from Nature and the natural environment where interaction with water is possible. Most people experience water just through metal faucets and plastic bottles and consider it simply as a commodity. Water pollution and water scarcity are the results of current human perceptions and indifference towards the liquid element. However, we humans cannot be in good health if our waters are not healthy. Water teaches us that everything is connected on this planet and that our life depends on the integrity of the interconnectivity with vital elements.”

To view more of the exhibit, visit  https://irememberwater.watermuseums.net/

Portions of this text are selected from I Remember Water – https://irememberwater.watermuseums.net/

David Griffith

Jason Lindsay

Lisette Morales

Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler

Hilary Johnson