Upcoming OHM Event



Brooklyn, New York
June 21st- July 21st, 2021

I AM WATER is a public art exhibition organized by Our Humanity Matters and ecoartspace in collaboration with SaveArtSpace. The exhibition consists of ten billboards sited in the borough’s of New York City and addresses our relationship with water and our human understanding that we are water.
Water is the origin of life with the innate purpose to continue creation. In water, we see that everything is connected and interrelated. Everything is liquid before it becomes solid. Humans, who are mostly water, depend on it to protect our DNA and for our basic survival. The one-sidedness of modern consciousness and our disconnect from nature increasingly subjects water to pollution. If we do not change our behavior, we will run out of water.
We humans cannot be healthy if our waters are not healthy. This exhibition shows water’s mystery and importance and helps to reestablish, on a deep cellular level, the intimate relationship with water that we have lost in modern life.