Consciousness & Connectivity

Our consciousness is  the link to the rest of nature and the cosmos. Our intelligence, which is not uniquely human, is part of creation and of nature’s mind and matter. We are humans only in contact with each other and the non-human world. The depth and complexity of our human traits such as ethics, empathy, reciprocity and love depend on that primordial connection that happens with the direct flux of connectivity.

Through that connection, the absolute richness, beauty, spiritual presence and intelligence that we experience in nature and human relationships fill the human soul with love, peace and inspiration. It is a kind of fullness that cannot be replaced by consumer products or purchased with money. Once we disconnect from that natural source, we no longer see it. We can only search for an scientific-rational explanation and a replacement in material things, hoping that they will fulfill us and make us more human. This spiritually and emotionally deteriorated state is clearly reflected in our environment, which now directly mirrors our ignorance, our separation from the whole and our greed.

In that rationalistic, mechanistic and materialistic way, nature becomes a commercial commodity—a natural resource—that we exploit in order to build a manmade world and continue with “the progress” that, we are now realizing, benefits only a select few. Being more human and living sustainably requires our emotional, spiritual and cognitive relationship (awareness) to the whole that supports us and our relationship to each other in a meaningful direct way to support our human values.


The Role of Altruism in Media and Human Evolution

by Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler

“Our humanity is at a critical point. Technological advances have largely been applied toward selfish, single-minded agendas that benefit a select few and have a devastating impact upon the environment on which we depend. Meanwhile, the proliferation of mass media technology has further separated us from the natural world and the way we perceive the ‘Other’ and has helped shape a reality dominated by materialistic values, which denigrate our physical and spiritual existences.” Read More >

This article was first published on November 1, 2016